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Placing our feet in the sand of history, infohubme had meticulously developed a cultural awareness package to share our experiences as children from various cultural descent and therefore educate kids on our differences. Our goal is to foster an environment of acceptance and eradicate prejudice from the grassroots (children) to the rest of society.

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Educating children from other Children’s lens helps them to see others clearly for who they are. Once a child sees another clearly and understands where he or she comes from, their history, positives and future, there is hope children will see other children for who they are and not what they are perceived to be.

Happy Holi - Indian Festival of Colours


Using a literary initiative called – A New Me, I hope to not only support the children in developing more interest in reading other materials; educate others on the culture and history of others. By being a bridge between the kids and other agencies when needed.


One of the critical components of growing a child’s identity is culture. Providing them with a healthy sense of who they are. Teaching children to respect cultural diversity while showing them how to recognise universal characteristics that we all share, helping to establish a sense of belonging.

Component parts

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about ReadGroofy

There's so much to learn and we have just the right content


We aspire to raise a generation who are culture conscious. 


Here we teach inclusion and appreciation for one another. 


Our history is rich and we want to share it. 

Our Delivery Methods

Self Directed Learning

We provide the content and follow up on progress. Through this method we encourage reflective thinking.

Courses are delivered online via MS Teams and reading materials are provided when you create an account with us. 

Due to the current pandemic we have suspended face to face tutoring and culture tours. Instead, we may organise virtual tours and host watch parties. 

Family participation

This is one of our most exciting methods because it encourages engagement with family whilst learning about different cultures. Adults and kids get to learn and play. We highly recommend coming together as a family and joining the fun. 


When we’re not socially distancing, we will have after school initiatives to drive engagement across the city and promote cultural lessons and fun activities in a classroom setting. 


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