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We're excited to introduce you to some of our reading books for different levels.

Level One - (4 - 5 years)

At this level, children are gaining a little more confidence and may know some words by sight. Children are beginning to read more varied sentence structures and taking some note of punctuation.

Kids at level one
level two, 5 year old mixed race girl sits in a bright cozy interior children's room

Level Two - (5 - 6 years)

At this level, children are becoming more confident at reading longer and more varied sentences.

Level Three - (6 - 7 years)

At this level, children are starting to read quite fluently and take note of punctuation. Children are starting to read longer and more complex sentences and can understand a range of punctuation. ​

level three, 6 year old boy having a remote schooling session with his teacher
level four aged mixed race girl lying on grass looking at a digital tablet.

Level Four - (7 - 8 years)

At this level, children can read complex sentences fairly fluently, taking note of punctuation. They use expression and do not rely on illustrations to help them.

Level Five - (8 - 9 years)

At this level, children might read silently or quietly at quite a rapid pace, taking note of punctuation.

Level five, Twelve-Year-Old Student Smiling

Books for older kids - (10 years +)

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