Our CIC partnership

At INFOHUBME we pride ourselves in excellence when it comes to delivering teaching material and producing content for our young learners. 

We’re proud to partner with media stations and local authorities to promote diversity and inclusion. Have you considered CIC Partnership?

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African Story Books

ASB are a educational platform based in South Africa and provide resource material for cultures within Africa. Without their support, it would not have been possible to resource our content to the excellent that we have done.

Meet our collaborators

We work together with other partners who share our vision. 


Hephzibah Joan

Founder @ Infohubme


David Egya

Researcher @ Herriot Watt University


Yasmin Ali

Social Enterprise Officer @ CEMVO


Victoria Erasmus

Primary School Teacher


Julie Goldschmidt

Teacher/ Church Leader

Laura Joya

Laura Joya

Social Worker

Yayha Barry

Yahya Barry


Jedidah Omole

Jedidah Omole

Presenter @ Infohubme

Jemima Omole

Jemima Omole

Presenter @ Infohubme

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