She Smiled : Broken yet (Paperback & Kindle)




On a rebound after losing her first love, Tommy. Chloe seemed to be happy with every new relationship until it hit the rock. She realised she had completely failed to find a man to fill her deepest void. In her devastation, Chloe had to choose between what she wanted and the relationships evolving in her life. Finally, she realised that it was unhelpful to give up easily with her choices. Chloe was keen to redefine what love meant to her with everyone that walked the shores of her world. It was a winding road trusting the Saviour in the journey of her relationships. An unexpected event placed Philip on her path. Philip seemed to sweep her off her feet. He woke her up from a dream world of love, reality, and the beauty of affection that could be summarised as a soulmate. She lamented between the tale of the love — and pain — Philip created for her.