Reading is the art of learning more about the world. Community reading aims to share different stories with children at the early stage of their development and improve their literacy skills. Thus, community book reading in Scotland is a famous practice in most schools. This is a proven and unique way of promoting brain development, increasing the imagination power and developing language and emotions within children.

Teachers and educationists are of the idea that reading together is a beneficial process. Thus, this is an important literacy activity for school-age Scotland. This is an interesting process where the teachers read stories and sing songs, tell stories, and show pictures to the kids to develop their recognition and analytical skills.

Why is a community reading important for children?

Improves concentration and discipline

Regular reading sessions ensure the child learns to sit at one place and pay attention to the same. Thus, it is an excellent trick to improve the concentration and discipline of the children. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make the young children sit for a long time. They have got the habit of getting distracted very often. Hence, engage them in community reading sessions, and they will surely sit and start paying attention for a longer time.

Improves imaginative skills

When you read stories to your kids, they will develop imaginative powers. You can use pictures to show them while reading to them; this improves creativity and imaginative power. Imagination plays a vital role in shaping the brain of a child. This will help them in the future when they start their academic journey.

Improves cognitive skills

How would you teach a toddler to think and rationalise? Their brain works completely differently compared to ours. Rather than instructing them, start reading books to them. Reading helps the kids develop their ability to think, understand, remember and start making rational decisions. It also helps develop the children’s memory as they try to remember the facts from the stories.

Prepares for academic sessions

The early practice of reading books helps to develop the academics of the children. They learn unfamiliar words and improve their vocabulary skills. Moreover, the fluency of reading develops earlier in these kids. Community reading exposes them to different subjects and cultures, which is beneficial in their learning process.

Improves language skills

When you read different stories to the kids from a very early age, you can help them develop their language skills faster. Hearing the language, words and letters, their brain cells get activated, and they start speaking. You can also introduce your child to auditory books, a suitable substitute for a personal reading session.

At ReadGroofy, our goal is to provide literacy services for children in Edinburgh, Scotland and United Kingdom. We take the initiative of engaging kids with community reading services and listen and learn services as well. Enrol your kids in our engaging storytelling sessions and experience overall brain development.