Values we Cherish! Cultural Assimilation 2

Role of the host society The host society is the society or community that takes in and accepts a person as their own. The society has lots of roles to play in the successful assimilation of the newly migrated individual. These are; Practice patience: When an adult who has spent a majority of their lives […]

How to Inculcate Literacy Activities in Preschoolers from an Early Age

For common people, literacy denotes the mere reading habit. However, the in-depth concept of literacy is more than just developing reading skills. For children, literacy activities start from the moment they are born. Even before a child is born, they start hearing voices and languages of the outside world. Hence, the journey towards literacy begins […]

Importance of Community Book Reading for Literacy Development in Children

Reading is the art of learning more about the world. Community reading aims to share different stories with children at the early stage of their development and improve their literacy skills. Thus, community book reading in Scotland is a famous practice in most schools. This is a proven and unique way of promoting brain development, […]

Values we Cherish! Cultural Assimilation.

What does Cultural Assimilation mean to us @ Readgroofy? Cultural Assimilation is a much-contested notion whereby on entering a new country, immigrant groups are encouraged, through social and cultural practices to adopt the culture, values, and social behaviors of the nation they are migrating into in order to benefit from full citizenship status. In this […]

Why Groofy, our Mascot?

When our website was revealed for the first time to the J-girls, immediately we fell in love with our mascot – the giraffe. We carried out a quick research about giraffes. This is what we found and how the giraffe relates to you: Genre The giraffe is an African even-toed hoofed mammal. The tallest living […]