Values we Cherish! Cultural Assimilation 2

Role of the host society The host society is the society or community that takes in and accepts a person as their own. The society has lots of roles to play in the successful assimilation of the newly migrated individual. These are; Practice patience: When an adult who has spent a majority of their lives […]

How to Inculcate Literacy Activities in Preschoolers from an Early Age

For common people, literacy denotes the mere reading habit. However, the in-depth concept of literacy is more than just developing reading skills. For children, literacy activities start from the moment they are born. Even before a child is born, they start hearing voices and languages of the outside world. Hence, the journey towards literacy begins […]

Why Groofy, our Mascot?

When our website was revealed for the first time to the J-girls, immediately we fell in love with our mascot – the giraffe. We carried out a quick research about giraffes. This is what we found and how the giraffe relates to you: Genre The giraffe is an African even-toed hoofed mammal. The tallest living […]