Role of the host society

The host society is the society or community that takes in and accepts a person as their own. The society has lots of roles to play in the successful assimilation of the newly migrated individual. These are;

Practice patience: When an adult who has spent a majority of their lives in their hometown migrates to a different city, it is often very difficult to drop all that has been seen as permanent and begin to learn what you may have never known in the past. It is the duty of the host society to give the individual time to change, and allowance to make mistakes.

Teach with kindness: If the host society hides knowledge or refuses to teach the individual the way of life, then there will hardly be any progress. The individual can only assimilate what he has seen, so he must be shown.

Teach carefully and rightly: Whatever the individual learns is what they will practice. If an individual learns the wrong thing, or stores wrong details in his or her subconscious, that will be what they will exhibit as new members of the society. They are like a fresh, empty flash drive, so be careful what you put in them!

Accept them: Individuals from local communities can exhibit some traits that are awkward or wrong in the tradition of the host society. Do not be quick to dispose of them. Instead, help them.

The role of the individual is very important and should be understood. No matter how hard society tries, an individual who is not ready to assimilate would not assimilate. The following are guidelines, teaching migrated individuals what to practice during assimilation.

Have an open mind. In your own culture, it may be normal to speak in a certain way, but in the new society, it is not. How does one make this work? Simply by having an open mind. Let go of all you have known in the past and prepare yourself to know and do more.

Travel around the community and make new friends. The more you mix yourself with people of the society, the more you become just like them. The friends you keep will play a big in how fast you will assimilate.

Cultural assimilation is a very important aspect of life, as many people don’t enjoy the idea of living in a particular community all their lives. Practice the steps above and watch yourself blend in with ease.

At Readgroofy, our goal is the bring children from different cultures around the globe and encourage a community of little readers to assimilate and acculturate each other’s cultural heritage.